Naked or topless famous celebrity Hollywood actresses, Girls Gone Wild, sex scenes, Bettie Page, big breasts, stag movies, explicit VHS videos and DVDs at Rare Videos Trash: The Graphic Genius of Xploitation Movie Posters - by Jacques Boyreau Trash proudly assembles more than 150 masterpieces of lowbrow graphic poster art from the sickest, sleaziest, sexiest, and weirdest films from the 1950s through the 1980s. A feast for the eyes, Trash rolls in the mud with graphic art of such questionable aesthetic quality and social worth that it practically redefines the poster as advertising medium.


Sleazoid Express: A Mind-
Twisting Tour Through the Grindhouse Cinema
of Times Square
by Bill Landis
In a bygone era, when Times Square was crammed with porn shops, gun stores, and drug pushers, disenfranchised moviegoers flocked to the grindhouses along 42nd Street. If the gore epics, women-in-prison films, and shockumentaries showcased within their mildewed walls didn't live up to their outrageous billing, the audience shouted, threw food, and even vandalized the theaters. For dedicated lovers of extreme cinema, buying a movie ticket on the Deuce meant putting your life on the line.

Authors Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford came to know those grindhouses better than anyone else, and although the theaters were gone by the mid-1980s, the films remained. In Sleazoid Express, Landis and Clifford reproduce what no home video can -- the experience of watching an exploitation film in its original fight-for-your-life Deuce setting. Both a travelogue of the infamous grindhouses of yore and a comprehensive overview of the sleaze canon, Sleazoid Express offers detailed reviews of landmark exploitation classics and paints intimate portraits of directors whose notorious creations played the back end of triple bills for years on end. With wit, intelligence, and an unflinching eye, Landis and Clifford offer the definitive document of cinema's most intense and shocking moments as they came to life at a legendary place.

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Attack of the 'B' Movie Posters
by Bruce Hershenson
and Richard Allen
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'70s Softcore Double Features

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Sinderella And The Golden Bra 
We all know about the famous Cinderella fairy tale, right? Well, here's the "Sinderella" story, in which the Prince must search for the woman whose breasts fit the golden bra! Mountains of merriment and song ensue with Suzanne Sybele, Bill Gaskin and Sydney Lassick. AKA: "Cindy and Her Golden Dress." 81 min.

Sinderella And The Golden Bra/Goldilocks And The Three Bares [DVD] DVD
Sexy "Cinderella" send-up finds a love-starved prince searching for the woman whose breasts fit the golden bra. Mountains of merriment and song ensue with Suzanne Sybele, Bill Gaskin and Sydney Lassick. AKA: "Cindy and Her Golden Dress." Then, Herschell Gordon Lewis helmed this nudie gem about a nightclub singer who joins his comedian friend to track down their girlfriends during one of their secret weekend trips. Their search leads them to a Miami nudist colony--and lots of fun in their birthday suits! Rex Marlow, Vickie Miles and Joey Maxim star. 142 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; art gallery; audio commentary; bonus shorts; theatrical trailers.

Britt Blazer/Golden Gate Pay-Off   
"Britt Blazer" is a special operative out to bust a seedy porn mogul who has kidnapped the daughter of a businessman and filmed her in the act of sex with some of his henchmen. In "Golden Gate Pay-Off," a San Francisco effort from the early 1970s featuring interracial liaisons, a gambler's girlfriend sleeps around to help pay off his debts.

Candy Samples nakedRobot Love Slaves/The Good Fairy   
Candy Samples is featured in the incredible "Robot Love Slaves," a sensitive tale of a creepy scientist who resurrects dead women with a vacuum cleaner hose while his wife has an illicit affair. And "The Good Fairy" helps lonely men by magically making sweeties appear in their bedrooms for their pleasure. They just don't do it like they did it in the '70s.

Six Times Ingrid/ Window Of Passion   
A wild woman from Europe visits New York and finds it to her erotic liking in "Six Times Ingrid," a truly unusual outing featuring weird sex scenes in Big Apple settings. Also, a middle-aged redhead looks out her "Window of Passion" and finds herself inspired by her hot-to-trot neighbors to take on any comers, be they male or female. The '70s live!

Who Killed Cock Robin? (1970)
Who Killed Cock Robin? [DVD](1970)

The death of an egotistical young man prompts an investigation by a cop, who quickly learns of the man's active sex life and sleazy ways. After meetings with a stripper, lesbians and a pretty student, the cop finds out he's being followed--by the person who may hold the key to the mystery! A real sleazefest!

Panty Party/Harvey Swings   
Ultra-sultry shenanigans ensue when a lingerie salesman has his own "Panty Party," readying two pretty models for a buyers' show in his own special way. Adult film star legend Rene Bond stars. And klutzy Harvey and his gal pal joins some swingers for fun and erotic games in "Harvey Swings." These are two prime examples of 1970s softcore.

My First Time/I'm No Virgin   
A young woman, curious about the birds and the bees, seeks excitement with a group of way-out swingers in "My First Time." And after trouble at home, a college student finds a kinky way of life when she goes to live with a group of coeds in "I'm No Virgin," featuring the legendary Rene Bond. A double dose of '70s sleaze!

Wine, Women & Women/ Erotic Point Of View   
Sassy surrealism and simple grindhouse action collide in "Wine," a sweet, early '70s salute to sex, sex, sex. And Mr. Cox researches an "Erotic Point of View" for a book, conducting interviews that get quite intimate in a '70s sleazefest that offers a butch, yodelling lesbian.

Lei'd In Hawaii/Ski Party   
Go beachside and get snowed in these two Seventies softcore spectacles. In "Hawaii," two sexy debutantes get involved with Tiki, whom they learn is looking for pretty gals for human sacrifices. And the slopes don't get as much action as the lodge's bedrooms as a group of co-eds show off some sexy moves in a wild "Party."

The Godson (1971)/Below The Belt [DVD](1970)  
An ambitious young man finds babes, violence and lust when he tries to make it in the world of organized crime. Lois Mitchell and the well-endowed Uschi Digart star in this bullet-filled, breasts-a-bouncin' sinematic story. Then, Uschi and sex kitten Rene Bond star in "a penetrating look into the sordid world of bruises and broads," as a punch-drunk fighter is mishandled by a womanizing manager. Dark and dirty softcore drama also features John Tull, Buck Flower, a white slave auction and the incredible Mirka. 180 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; theatrical trailers; art gallery; photo gallery; bonus shorts "I, Uschi" and "Uschi Meets Dracula."

Four In Bed/ Marriage American Style
Four In Bed/Marriage American Style [DVD] DVD  

The "Four in Bed" are a quartet of sweeties who take to strip poker in order to get a shy guy into the sack. See how flush he gets when sex is in the cards! And Uschi Digart persuades Donna Young to get out of "Marriage" and into something big and hot--and we're not just talking bras.

The Timid Debutante/ Butler's Night Out   
This "Debutante" is timid for approximately 30 seconds as she learns the ways of the world pronto, her snooty pedigree dropped by the wayside along with her clothes. And in another swinging Seventies entry, the "Butler" certainly does "it," as the female star of "Debutante" shows him a good time.

Winter Sports/West Valley PTA   
Tune in for more ski-time sexiness in "Winter," where some randy dudes fake injury in order to meet, greet and get to know chicks off the slopes. And a swimming instructor has the time of his life with some lessons in "West Valley PTA," a tribute to sexy valley girls--before there were valley girls.

Two Goes Into One/ One For The Money   
Join sexpo faves Donna Young ("Wild Honey") and Sandy Dempsey ("Country Hooker") in a tale of a therapist whose specialty is sex...with his curvaceous patients! And in "One for the Money," get ready for "the show," as a woman learns about sexual experience by practicing what she reads in "The Picture Book of Sexual Love."

Model Hunter/Classified Sex   
Two swinging lesbian chicks get into nude modeling but soon find a sleazy con artist improvising scenes in "Model Hunter." And such adult film stalwarts as Rick Cassidy, Cyndee Summers and Ric Lutz star in "Classified," a look at swapping, swinging and more, American style.

The Female Frenzy Of Doctor Studley/Spread It Around   
For a taste of the real bizarre stuff, '70s sexploitation style, try "Doctor Studley," complete with boom mikes, characters named Mrs. Lovella Dick and lots of nudity in montage form. Also, unsatisfied housewives tickle their tingle in "Around."

Motel For Lovers/Splendor In Bed   
Leave the light on in this "Motel," where sexy babes and hunky guys get together under the covers for some uninhibited sexcapades. See Suzanne Fields ("Flesh Gordon") lead the way for a "four-star" time. And there's "Splendor" all over the place as an adulterous hubby, his hot-to-trot spouse and a virginal maid explore carnal possibilities.

Alley Cat/ Karen And The Carpenter   
Witness Sandy Dempsey as an aspiring actress whose sexual desires supersede her career desires--which are quite big, too. "Flesh Gordon's" Suzanne Fields also stars. And a woman named "Karen" asks a hunk to fix her car, then witnesses her girlfriends give him a close inspection.

Shot On Location/ Blue Movie Madness   
See what happens when a group of filmmakers and performers shoot on "Location" and everyone goes wild, unleashing their innermost desires. Featured are adult regulars Rene Bond, Ric Lutz and Sandy Dempsey. Also, a veteran adult actress shows a young woman the tricks to working "Blue."

The Ranch Hand/Love From Paris   
A double-D dose of sex siren Marsha Jordan! Marsha's the owner of a ranch who takes in a writer trying to find out what life is like as a "Ranch Hand" and shows him how to "ride 'em, cowboy." Also, the mountainous Marsha and her swinging hubby get their friends hot when they show them wild footage from their sex-drenched getaway in "Love from Paris." Jackie Vernon does not appear.

The Executives' Wives/ 3 Phases Of Eve   
"The Executives' Wives" will do anything so their husbands can get ahead, even if it means bedding down the executives at their spouses' company. Treachery, back-stabbling and housewives with bodacious bodies are what it's all about; Barbara Mills stars. Also, Sandi Carey is "Eve," a woman with three personalities, all with different sexual desires.

The Fur Affair/Cousin Jed Rises Again   
A double dose of 1970s sexplay opens with "The Fur Affair," in which three hot and bored suburban housewives experiment with sex--and discover they enjoy having lots of it among themselves. It's a real lesbian lust-off! Also, hillbillies get spoofed in "Cousin Jed Rises Again," where a wealthy Texas oilman is called on to help his homespun kin, and he and his cousin do more than kiss. They like it real nekkid, too! With Lily Foster, Orita De Chadwick.

Sonora nearly naked in The Notorious CleopatraThe Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet / The Notorious Cleopatra  
It's Shakespeare with skin in "The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet" (1969, 92 min.), an outrageously bawdy, sexed-up version of the world's most famous love story! A crackpot cast of mostly busty redheads performs the immortal tale of two lovers who end up loving just about everyone amidst a non-stop barrage of dumb jokes, gleeful nudity, rambunctious sex scenes, whipping, whipped cream, Derrick the Horny Hunchback, and literature's most famous line of dialogue, "Sock it to me!" "The Notorious Cleopatra" (1970, 87 min.) - Sexually voracious fat slob Caesar sends Marc Antony to bring the notorious Cleopatra back to Rome. Though he's ordered to keep his hands to himself, Antony quickly falls under the Queen's spell (no surprise since she's played by the black and beautiful Sonora), leading to a virgin sacrifice, an Egyptian orgy, the Ides of March, and a shocker of an ending in this wacky sex comedy you won't see on the History Channel anytime soon! DVD Features: Commentary by Harry Novak and friends on The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet; Costumed Skinflick Trailers for "The Brazen Women of Balzac," "A Clockwork Blue," "Fanny Hill," "The Nine Ages of Nakedness," "Roman Love Temple" and "The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet"; The Queen of the Nile stars in Sexy Short Subjects "Cleopatra's Milk Bath" and "Cleopatra's Asp," and Ancient Roman beauties strut their stuff in the Special Arcade Short Subject, "Roman Holiday"; Gallery of Harry Novak Exploitation Art with Radio Spot Rarities; Harry Novak Gallery of Exploitation Photos; NOTE: "Secret Sex Lives" is widescreen 1.78:1, "Notorious Cleopatra" is Full Frame 1.33:1.

Naked actress in Street Of A Thousand PleasuresTopless actress in Way Out ToplessStreet of a Thousand Pleasures / Way Out Topless  
Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1972, 75 min.) - It's a Galapalooza when American oil geologist John Dalton is taken by a rich sheik to the spectacular Street of a Thousand Pleasures, an amazing slave market where buyers can feast their eyes on a veritable smorgasbord of feminine flesh! Everywhere you turn, big beautiful bare buxotics are brazenly on display, played by 71 of Hollywood's Most Abundant Models--including the legendary Uschi Digart (SuperVixens)! Thanks to the up-close and personal Motion Picture Miracle of "Girl-a-Vision," you become the eyes of the camera as it provides an amazing hands-on effect in which you are lovingly and literally submerged in skin! Then it's Boobs-a-poppin' with "Way Out Topless" (1967, 63 min.), a pasties-shakin' celebration of the '60s Go-Go Scene that takes you inside the Sin Spots of Everytown U.S.A.! See sexy strippers strut their stuff in the first film that could proudly be labeled a stripumentary! Go, baby, go, go, go!

Rene Bond full frontal naked in Country CuzzinsCountry Cuzzins / Midnight Plowboy(1970/1973)  
Heee-haaaw! Harry Novak presents two Southern-style sex comedies chock-full of hayseed honeys and redneck rebels. "Country Cuzzins" (1970, 90 min.) - Grandma Peabody wants to see all her kinfolk before she kicks the bucket, so Billie Jo, Jeeter, Uncle Fester, and the gang hold a family reunion that even includes high-falutin' Cousin Prudence from the big city. After guzzling some high-octane moonshine, Pru gets down and dirty and invites her clan to visit her in L.A. When these country cuzzins actually show up, Prudence has more than her hands full with everybody dancing to country music, getting naked, and playing "Look and Touch" like they were raised in a barn! Featuring sex-film starlet Rene Bond as bubblin' Billie Joe. "Midnight Plowboy" (1973, 70 min.) - Cow-lovin' country boy Junior from "Sassy Sue" decides to see the big city sights of Hollywood despite having the I.Q. of a feeding trough. Mistaking a brothel for a boarding house, our midnight plowboy is soon driving a whorehouse on wheels, outsmarting a rival pimp, and falling in love with the beguiling Debbie Osborne. It's a barnyard blast when these country hicks meet city chicks!

Full frontal female nudity in The Pigkeeper's Daughter Female masturbation in Sassy SueThe Pigkeeper's Daughter / Sassy Sue(1975/1972)  
The Pigkeeper's Daughter (1975, 92 min.) - Since Moonbeam Swiner is The Pigkeeper's Daughter, it's no surprise that her best friend in the whole wide world is a little piggy named Lord Hamilton. And that has her Ma worried. After all, Moonbeam has reached the ripe old age of 19 and she still ain't hitched yet. So when a traveling salesman from the big city arrives on the scene, Ma quickly out-cons the con-artist and Pa arranges a shotgun wedding. Sassy Sue (1972, 83 min.) - There's a similar problem over at the Willard farm. In between making moonshine and custom-made outhouse seats, Pa is worried about his moronic son, Junior, who's spending too much time with the animals and not enough with womenfolk. What he doesn't know is, idiot Junior is already having a whirlwind affair with Sassy Sue, his beloved cow.

The Toy Box / Toys Are Not for Children(1971/1973)  
The Toy Box (1971, 89 min.) - Explore a kinky pleasure chest when swingers Donna and Ralph are invited to a midnight party at the castle of "Uncle," an overweight pervert. However, it appears that Uncle has died, which doesn't stop the guests from turning his wake into a non-stop orgy. Reality and illusion blur as various partygoers may or may not be gruesomely murdered; worse, a giant nude woman informs our guests that Uncle is actually an alien who's collecting specimens for an extraterrestrial toy store specializing in the brains of "depraved" humans! One of the most bizarre mixes of surreal sex and horror to ever assault audiences, "The Toy Box" features direction by the cinematographer of "Twin Peaks" and a cast of sex-film starlets including the incredible Uschi Digart, who gets fondled by an amorous bed! "Toys Are Not for Children" (1973, 84 min.) - Miserable with her marriage to a toy-store clerk and obsessed with memories of her long-absent father, child-like Jamie learns that toys are not for children when she turns her life around--by becoming a hooker! Playing "daddy's little girl" with dirty old men, she finds true happiness until a friend arranges a special "date" between Jamie and her whore-hungry dad that, to put it mildly, does not go well. Two toy-friendly sickies definitely not for the kiddies! Both produced by Harry Novak. Digitally remastered. Original theatrical trailers. Bonus trailers for: Ann and Eve, The Depraved, The Exquisite Cadaver, Labyrinth of Sex, The Naked Countess, Sextet, The Single Girls and Tales of the Bizarre. Follow a toy from the factory to the store to the home of a good little goy in Classroom Short #1: The Toy Telephone Truck. Good little girls get good little toys in 1930's Nudie Short #2: The Christmas Elves. Total running time: over 3 1/2 hours.

Naked actress in The RamrodderThe Ramrodder / Revenge of the Virgins(1969/1960)  
It's the Naked West like you've never seen it before with this nudie double-bill of the craziest cowboy movies ever made! "The Ramrodder" (1969, 88 min.) - Cowpoke Rick, The Ramrodder, falls in love with Indian maiden Tuwana when he spies her skinny-dipping with the other shapely women of her tribe. Before you can say "Geronimo," the two are rolling around like tumbleweeds. When a toothless trail bum attacks the tribal chief's daughter, the Indians blame Rick and kidnap his pre-Tuwana girlfriend, Lucy, who eases tensions with a campfire strip show. Tuwana eventually sets things right only after she's whipped, virgin-tested, and falls into the arms of a sapphic-lovin' squaw! From the vaults of David F. Friedman come all the ingredients of a classic western: lesbians, catfights, and Manson family friend Bobby Beausoleil as a castrating injun! "Revenge of the Virgins" (1960, 52 min.) - Jewell Morgan leads a group of gold-seeking prospectors through Indian territory only to encounter the Revenge of the Virgins, a tribe of bare-breasted Indian maidens who happily slaughter them one by one in this early nudie from director Pete Perry (Kiss Me Quick!). Watch and learn exactly How the West Was Done!

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