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Vintage Erotica: Anno 1920 [DVD]    
Oh, those were the good old days! When men were men and women were women, and they all dressed up as priests, nuns, ballet dancers, bellboys, and animals, and doffed all to engage in kinks, fetishes, and old-fashioned carnal knowledge. Yes, blue movies got their start in the black-and-white era, and here are 18 cheeky and ribald reels from the 1920s to prove it. WARNING: Although old, these films are explicit; adults only. 90 min. Standard; Soundtrack: music score; bonus short; photo gallery.

Vintage Erotica: Anno 1930 [DVD]    
Long before Jenna Jameson or even Linda Lovelace tantalized audiences, there were adult films. The evidence is clear in these short erotic movies made in France during the 1920s by pros and amateurs. See the gals of the "Roaring 20s" roar, appearing naked and doing the nasty in a variety of settings and situations. WARNING: Although old, these movies are explicit; adults only. 116 min. Standard; Soundtrack: mono.

Vintage Erotica Anno 1940   
A collection of several short erotic movies made in France in the 1940s. Some are explicit and this video is definitely for adults only. 98 min.

Vintage Erotica: Anno 1940 [DVD]
The 1940s sure were frisky, according to this collection of French shorts, many produced during World War II. Lesbians, spanking, an adult spoof of Santa Claus and other themes are covered in this risque roundelay. WARNING: Although old, these films are explicit; adults only. 98 min. Standard; Soundtrack: mono; photo gallery.

Vintage Erotica: Anno 1950 [DVD]    
Think the 1950s were a staid, button-down decade? Not according to the 15 racy short films from France that have been gathered in this collection. WARNING: Although old, these films are explicit; adults only. 110 min. Standard; Soundtrack: mono; photo gallery.

The Vintage Erotica Collection 1930-1950 [DVD]    
Three-disc boxed set includes "Vintage Erotica: Anno 1930," "Vintage Erotica: Anno 1940," and "Vintage Erotica: Anno 1950."

The Good Old Naughty Days (2003)
Who said the early 20th century was innocent? This compilation of a dozen French adult films from the earliest days of movies offers fascinating erotic entertainment. No subject is taboo--there are tales involving the clergy, an animated film and a "Madame Butterfly"-like story. Not as guileless as you'd expect, these films feature explicit sexual acts and nudity and are "Adults Only." 69 min. Silent with music score.
The Good Old Naughty Days [DVD](2003)
Who said the early 20th century was innocent? This compilation of a dozen French adult films from the earliest days of movies offers fascinating erotic entertainment. No subject is taboo--there are tales involving the clergy, an animated film and a "Madame Butterfly"-like story. Not as guileless as you'd expect, these films feature explicit sexual acts and nudity and are "Adults Only." 69 min. Silent with music score. Standard; Soundtrack: Dolby Digital stereo.

The Classic Erotica Collection: Forbidden Movies From The Brothels Of Paris [DVD]  
"Oooh la la, vavoom!" Treat yourself to some vintage French fun--of the "Adults Only" variety--with this collection of risque silent short films that were shown as "appetizers" in some of Paris' most exclusive pleasure palaces. 70 min. Standard; featurette; interview; photo gallery.

Forbidden Archives Of The Police Brigade [DVD]  
"Voulez-vous assister a avec moi?" See what French gendarmes kept hidden away from the public for decades in this second sampler of sexy "adults only" short films made in the 1930s in the country synonymous with love and sensuality. 60 min. Standard; featurette; interview; photo gallery.

Naughty Nudes '64 [DVD](1964)
In 1964, Beatlemania hit the U.S., the New York World's Fair was packing them in, the Cardinals beat the Yankees in the World Series...and wild naked chicks were thrusting their pelvises, stroking and fondling themselves, for the camera. You are there for the chick stuff with this compendium of peep shows from that special year. 120 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.

Naughty Nudes Of The 1960s [DVD]  
Skin pictures can trace their origins back to the earliest days of cinema, but the "nudie loops" only came to feed erotic appetites in the 1960s, becoming popular attractions in "blue" establishments across the country. This naughty showcase includes 16 randy, All-American gals doing classic bump-and-grind routines that provide a tantalizing window into a peep world of the past! 3 1/3 hrs. total. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; bonus footage; trailers.

Sex-A-Go-Go Collection [DVD]  
Three-disc set includes The Yellow Teddybears - In this youthful drama, based on a true story, a group of boarding school girls who have lost their virginity begin to proudly wear yellow teddy bear pins to show that they are now worldly women. One of them, a troubled 16-year old who has been ignored by her parents, is quite pleased when she finally gets her pin. Unfortunately she also gets pregnant. Her impregnator is a window washer and aspiring pop singer. She needs an abortion and is assisted by a helpful hooker who also helps her become a streetwalker so she can raise the cash for the operation. The girls father is outraged when he learns the truth, but he blames the school's biology teacher, not his daughter. He is angry with the educator because she knew all about the teddy bear club and was the one who talked about sex with them. The teacher resigns after being reprimanded. Before she does though, she gives an emotional speech to the school board. Meanwhile the troubled girl, runs away to London. 88 min.
Zeta One - British babes are plentiful in this light British sci-fi film most likely shot in warmer climes, because the girls sure aren't wearing much clothing. 86 min.
Secrets of a Windmill Girl - This crime drama chronicles the demise of a hapless stripper who ends up gang-raped and killed. The dead woman's best friend, a singer, tells the sordid tale. 86 min. All Movie Guide

Mary Millington half nakedThe English Girls Collection [DVD]  
Three-disc set includes What's Good for the Goose - Timothy Bartlett (Norman Wisdom) is a middle-aged banker who is sent to a seaside resort for a banker's convention. He fears the meetings will be frightfully dull, but things change when two amorous hippie girls take Timothy for a sail on the sea of love. Timothy goes middle-aged crazy, making a spectacle of himself in hippie clothes as he tries to fit into the swinging scene. Nude dips in the ocean are followed and preceded by wild parties as he tries to recapture the days of his flaming youth. After he feels remorse and embarrassment over his behavior, he calls on his wife to join him at the convention to rekindle their love in this lowbrow comedy. The British rock group The Pretty Things provides the music. 104 min.
Love Is a Splendid Illusion - Italy is the setting for this melodrama in which a man realizes his lover carried on an affair with one of his friends. 86 min.
Intimate Games - Directed by Tudor Gates, Intimate Games centers around a group of English psychology students simultaneously researching sexual fantasies as well as fulfilling those of their professor. This '70s piece of British sex-cinema features a performance by George Baker, who later became famous for his role in the television series "Ruth Rendell Mysteries," and an uncredited role from future sex actress Mary Millington. 90 min. All Movie Guide

Electronic Lover (1966)
Electronic Lover [DVD](1966)
Before the invention of the World Wide Web, high technology was already hot on the trail of erotica during the swinging '60s! A horny geek (Mike Atkinson), also known as "The Master," operates a room-size computer (pre-TRS-180!) and forces his debauched, mute servant "Brother" to comb the streets looking for women to photograph and upload into his system. Lovingly photographed in Voyeur-Vision, this scandalous sexcapade also stars Jonathan Manos, Natara, and Linda Boyce.

Nudie Classics, Vol. I   
Call them "adult films," call them "roadhouse shorts," call them "black-maskers"...these are the racy films that Dad saw in the '30s and '40s. Lots of laughs, (mostly) gorgeous gals and semi-nudity, but no X-rated scenes. 55 min.

Nudie Classics, Vol. II   
More frisky films from the heyday of peep shows--1917-1965. All are R-rated, includes: ``Feminine Touch,'' ``Hard Work,'' ``Fighting Femmes of Paris,'' and ``Amour Pour Une Femme.'' 60 min.

"marilyn Monroe" naked in Apple KnockersNudie Classics, Vol. III   
These naughty nudies are the best smokers you've seen! "A Strip in Rhyme," "Starlet Revue," "Nude Cocktails," "Forbidden" (with pin-up star Bettie Page), "Apple Knockers" (which was rumored to star a young Marilyn Monroe; it doesn't), and "Hollywood Honey," with stripper Virginia Bell, are featured. 55 min.

Roadshow Shorts, Vol. 3 
David Friedman unleashes more monumental shorts of the sleazy sort. You'll be amazed to witness such depravities as "Wyoming Thunder," Nona Carver in "Glamazon of the Strip," "Girlesk Show," "New Year's Eve Frolic," "Spider Girl" and many more.

Roadshow Shorts, Vol. 4 
If it's koochie-koochie you seek, it's koochie-koochie you'll find in this compendium of sensuous shorts from the playfully perverse decades of the '30s, '40s and '50s. The daring dancers include Paula D'Arcy, Helen Rene, Robin Jewell and Margie Lamont in such titles as "Strip Strip Hooray," "Enchanting Tease," "Champagne After Midnight" and "5 O'Clock Tease."

Roadshow Shorts, Vol. 5 
Every sort of gal imaginable is showcased in this super-sexy collection of carnality, short films that ran in adults-only theaters, burlesque houses and probably basements during the '30s, '40s and '50s. There's Dimples Morgan, the "Texas Cyclone"; Libby Jones, the "Florida Hurricane"; Syra, performing "A Swiss Fan Dance"; and Ginny Young, "The All American Girl."

Roadshow Shorts, Vol. 6 
They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway, but the gals are even brighter. (No wonder they call it "Broadway.") Here's New York naughties like "Samba Reggae," "Egyptian Dance" and "Lure of Love" with dancers such as Martha Erickson and Lila O'Connor.

Roadshow Shorts, Vol. 7 
It's a cornucopia of hotsy totsy tamales cutting the carpet in the Big Apple with fleshy style. Among the tempting teasers on stage are Ara Wells, Ruby Shaw, Toni Travis and Jerry Gilbert in shorts like "A Cob and a Girl," "Midnight Tease" and "Slick Chicks."

Roadshow Shorts, Vol. 8 
The hits keep coming in this gonzo girlie show spectacle. Among the Manhattan-based bits of debauchery spotlighted here are "When a Girl Needs a Man," "Shapes and Drapes," "Persian Slave Market" and "Miss California."

Roadshow Shorts, Vol. 14 
There's bold and spicy adult entertainment to be found in this sexceptional collection of shorts, including "Two Black Crows in Africa," "Dealers in Death" (from "The Vanishing Gangster"), "Cinderella's Love Lesson" with Lili St. Cyr, "Clyde Beatty's Animal Thrills" (a notorious cartoon from the 1930s) and two versions of "Street of Forgotten Women."

A carnal cornucopia of 1920s, '30s and '40s short films. Included are "Hunting Bare," in which three ladies go hunting; "Neptune's Daughters," featuring four seafaring women; "Perfect Exposure," a look at an all-ladies camera club; and "Christmas Toys," spotlighting sensuous elves. AKA: "Sexcapades." 55 min.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 1   
It's "tasselmania" and "pasties resistance" with this collection of swervy and seductive dance films from the burlesque of yesteryear. On tap in this tape: Jenny Lee, Doris Delay, Yuma Starr, "H. Bomb," "Persian Cookie" and the inimitable "Sheba Wore No Nylons"! 90 min.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 2   
Start whistling, folks. This collection of ripping and stripping shorts from the golden days of burlesque serves up such delights as "Follies Bergere," "Virginia Valentine," "Fan Tease," "Goldilocks Goes Glamorous" and many other mesmerizing memories. 90 min.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 3   
They shake, they rattle, they roll and they strip in this unreal collection of take-it-off titillators of the past. See vintage films like "Casbah Mystery," "Hula Fantasies," "Inca Strip," "Tiger Girl" (Rrrowwwrr!) and more. Hubba hubba! 90 min.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 4   
More slinky Sallies strut their sassiness and tassles in your living room: Witness "The Golddigger Tease" (Hey, Dino!), "Jury: No Reservations," "Las Vegas Tease," "Comic Strip" and the favorite "Margie's Tease." 90 min.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 5   
Take a gander at "Yukon Belle," "Mohawk War Dance," strippers with parasols and "Escape from a Harem," sure to sexcite even the most staid sheik. 90 min.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 6   
Just put $25.00 worth of quarters in the slot and catch the thrills of these gals in motion: Marsha Warner, "The Wabash Wondergirl"; Diane Lund, "The Texas Tornado"; Zabuda, "Temptress of the Nile" and Mary Bryant, star of "Afro-Cuban Rhythm." 90 min.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 7   
An erotic array of talent for all of you burlesque fans. Zowie! It's the "Main Tease," a Parisian princess in heat; Jerry Lee performing the "Sugar Daddy Stomp"; a "Scintillating Tease" that's sure to please; and an incredible "Feather Boa Dance." 90 min.

Grindhouse Follies Front-Row Special, Vol. 1   
Originally filmed in 3-D, these films give new "hubba" to the term "hubba-hubba." This collection of burlesque shorts from 1953-54 features Tempest Storm (who has her breasts imprinted in cement), and Lili St. Cyr in such films as "Love for Sale," "Madonna and Her Bubbles," "Virgin in Hollywood" and "Bella Starr."

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 8   
The gals who put the "strip" in "strippers" let their clothes fall in "A Pearl in the Wind," "Pantsy Free," "Red-Movie Ass-Perations," "Exotic Dance in the Night" and "Artist's Models."

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 9   
"September Dance," "Latin Rhythm," "G-String Deluxe" and "Loaded and Ready" are just a few of the girly-packed grinders showcased here. Strippers include Betty Howard, many others.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 10   
The house gets hot when these scorching carpet-cutters cut loose their clothing and go for the gusto in front of the cameras. Check out Sherry Lane, Chen Lu and Narcissa in "Make Love to Me," "Castle Strip" and many other sensual delights.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 11   
Want to get down with "Jennifer's Jungle Dance"? Looking forward to meeting "A Wonderful Pair"? Got the hots for "A Hot Tango Tamale"? Got your dancing shoes on for "The Strip Polka" or "Rhumba Rhonette"? Care to see a "Frisky Fanny"? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, go to this grindhouse.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 12   
Who needs Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey to dirty dance when they have such burlesque pros as Eilene Jordon, Chen Lu, Billie Down and Coquette? See the queens of girly shows strut their stuff in this naughty compendium of forbidden delights.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 13   
They should be dancing--and they are, in the most sensuous ways possible! "Mitzi Swings," Carmensita does "Babalu" (and makes you forget Desi), "Polka Dots and Panties" are the rage of the day, and there's no shortage of "Ladies in Lingerie." Who could ask for anything more?

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 14   
Your home theater is getting hotter--and the heat isn't even turned on. That's because this sampler of stripping sensations includes "Peeler's Paradise"; "Six Foot of Texas Fun"; "Man Tamer," with Colette; "The Sultry Siren," with Rita Parker; and lots more mirth-filled erotic gems.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 15   
An amazing array of amorous stars grinds it out for your pleasure on this tempting tape. Among the gals shimmying in the spotlight are Maizie, Sondra, Pearl Dwight, Genii Young, Tempest Storm and a host of other honeys.

Tempest Storm naked Blaze Starr covers her boobsGrindhouse Follies, Vol. 16   
Once it was a favorite entertainment form. Today, it's defunct. The great days of yesteryear's burlesque are relived in this salute to striptease artists like Rita Ravell, Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm and Honey Joy.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 17   
The grinder can't stop churning out delightful dames from past decades, and here's a program that is sure to thrill you. In one deluxe collection, you'll get shorts like "Cocktail Tease," "French Filly," "I'll See You in My Dreams," "Woman of Pleasure," "Runway Romp" and more.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 18   
The follies get friskier with this erotic entry that showcases short sizzlers starring Sunny Ray, Julia Rae, Jean King, Melody Carl and others.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 19   
Exotic dancers, burlesque queens and sensual strippers do their thing in this carnal collection that features "Enchanting Tease," "Jungle Ecstasy: Carole Vaughn," "Belly Dancer," "T's Peacock Tease" and the ever-popular "Untitled."

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 20   
This program plays a like a who's who of great strippers, showcasing "Ilona: Parisian Tease," Miss Scarlett, Mickey Kidwell, Hilary Dawn, Rita Zane, Arlene Dupree, Jill La Rue and the great Sally Rand performing her fan and bubble dances.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 21   
There's an international flair to the sultry strippers delighting you on this tape, displaying their titanic talents. There's Irene Gale ("Oriental Interlude"), Kalantan ("Her Buddha Dance"), Mona ("At the Eve Nightclub in Paris"), Delores Del Raye ("St Louis Woman"), Nelja Ates ("The Turkish Delight") and Amalia Aguilar ("Cuban Devil Drums"). All this and Tempest Storm, too!

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 22   
You're home can be transformed into the "Sunset Strip" if you purchase this collection of hoochie cuties that spotlights Lorraine Lee, Sandra ("Mighty Midget"), Jade, Rene Andre, Billie Ware, Irene Gale and shorts by Barry Mahon and Joe Sarno.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 23   
If it's hubba-hubba you want, go no further than this grindhouse sensation showcasing such delights as "Angel Cake," "Perfect Judy," "Smiling Louisa," "Dancing Redhead, "Shoo Shoo Baby," "Virginia Belle" and Parisian Follies faves "The Mad Cuban," "Casbah Mystery" and others. 120 min.

Grindhouse Follies, Vol. 24   
A host of hot honeys gyrate to your delight in such strip shorts as "Dancing Cuties," "Hollywood Follies," "Reckless Tease," "Paris Bombshell," "Quebec Baby," "Naughty Marie," "French Can-Can," "Too Clever," "Dream Boat" and lots more.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 1
Classic Nudie Cutie Films Vol. 1  

An amazing collection of yesterday's spicy entertainment, featuring "shorts, loops and peeps" with the nudies of "Feminine Foursome," "Ladder Antics," "Nude Hula," "Chicago Fan Dance" and much more. 90 min.
 (DVD version runs 60 min. and is similar to, but not exactly the same as, the VHS version.)

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 2   
A further array of arousing actresses is offered in this unbelievable line-up of lascivious ladies enacting "Sun-Kissed Beauties," "Gun Moll," "Let's Make Mary Moan" "On the String" and others. They don't make 'em like this anymore! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 3   
Take a peep at these "peeps" from olden days when a glimpse of stocking was considered...just the start! Travel from "Tel Aviv" to "Saigon," improve your mind with "Artist's Studio Models," "Bedroom Art Today" and "At the Easel," more. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 4   
"Drip, Grind and Percolate," "Bronco Busty," "Down in the Mouth," "Lonesome Gal" and "Swinging Frolics" are just a few of the classic examples of nostalgic nudie shorts offered in this enticing program. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 5   
Witness "Secret Passions," encounter the "Show Off," partake in "Pajama Party Romp," go wild as "Val Takes a Shower," keep cool with the "Steamy Sunbather." All this--and more--in this sampler of vintage sleaze. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 6   
Learn "Boudoir Secrets," see what happens when a busy babe goes "Hosing Around," get a load of the hubba-hubba on horses, witness Tammy Sanders at her best, and watch a naturist film shot in Mays Landing, N.J. 60 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 7   
A voyeur's delight with breastacular babes wearing big Mexican hats, sensual hula secrets, "Cute Colleen," "Interlude Nude" and a Little Bo Peep routine that'll curd your whey! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 8   
Wowsa, wowsa! What a collection of woo-woo material, ranging from "Taffeta Tease" to "Sun Worshippers," "Switzerland" (look at those Alps!) to "Hawaii" (Miss Twin Volcanoes)! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 9   
Lots of color '60s segments are presented in this collection of incredibly endowed ladies. You've heard of "couch-dancing." Here's "couch-writhing" with fuzzy underwear, bountiful black models, heavy mascara, high heels and more. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 10   
Flute music! Mascara! Long bangs! Flower Power pillows! And loads of lovely ladies posing naked and seductively for the cameras. Catch all sorts of ladies here: Asians, African-Americans and more. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 11   
A stunning array of beauties from different decades, striking sensuous poses, seductively taunting viewers in flimsy silks, sheer stockings and housecoats! Yes, housecoats! Watch 'em smack their lips! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 12   
Oh, man. Look at these pretty pictures of perfection, lazily gazing in the field, having fun at a barbecue, making out with other gals, luring you with their well-oiled bods, showing you their incredibly endowed headlights from the wildest angles. Oh, man. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 13   
A scorching selection of shorts featuring lascivious lasses from the nude, nude, nude world of cheesecake. They saunter towards the mirror...then, hubba-hubba! They smash each other with pillows....and more than feathers fly! And they tease and titillate in their inimitable style. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 14   
They're nude, they're cute, they pose to please. See "The Hot Rod Girls" in action. What better way to fix a car then in you underwear? See an eclectic collage of curvaceous kittens meow for the cameras! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 15   
An amorous armada of artist's models appear in all of their amazing states of arousal, playing with stuffed animals, medicine balls, on wooly rugs, in natural settings, etc. These nudes offer enticement...artistically speaking. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 16   
Fans of girly magazines from the past will get a kick out of these short films overflowing with the sort of gals that made mags like Juggs so popular. Nude women are found all over the place: on rocks, on horseback, in studios, on the field as cheerleaders! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 17   
If you like lingerie, belly-dancing, dangling earrings, the great outdoors, bikinis and more, you're sure to love this entry in the sensuous series. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 18   
From the '50s: dancers in front of a zebra-striped backdrop; a Betty Page-type brunette; a Mamie Van Doren look-alike in a bubbly tub. From the '60s: a Cleopatra, stark naked. And there's more in store from different decades. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 19   
Old-time glamour films reveal a sunbathing beauty who gets naked under her umbrellas; a '30s sweetheart, sprawling on a bearskin rug; a living calendar girl posing by a brook; a '60s chick with a black push-up bra; and lots more! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 20   
Whether you have a hankering for redheads, blondes or brunettes, you're sure to see your wishes come true here. They exercise! They remove their bikinis! They have their bodies painted! They...they...they are totally naked! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 21   
See all sorts of gorgeous naked enthusiasts cavort in the sand, play with a stuffed rabbit, dance behind an aquarium, jiggle as they get some cash out of piggy banks and more. Also: Virginia Bell appears in the aptly-titled "Gertie the Grapefruit Girl."

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 22   
They're outdoors: a blonde warms to a beach bonfire; four gals frolic in the wilds; a blonde mows her lawn topless. They're indoors: Marilyn Monroe look-alike Arlene Hunter displays her bod when she takes off her housecoat. And in the short "Naked Party," they're in bed: three stewardesses and a long-haired '60s dude, that is. 90 min.

Candy Barr nearly nakedNudie-Cutie, Vol. 23   
A bosomy blonde plays living room golf and gives tennis lessons, another partakes in early aerobics exercises, Candy Barr (in white teddy, garter belt and hose) reveals her body before the mirror, and topless barbelling must be seen to be believed. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 24   
Two cuties pet a pussycat, two others feed a peacock, and a bikini-clad babe investigates a roofing problem. Then there's a blonde dabbling in exercises and a woman who stops ironing to reveal what's under her well-creased shirt. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 25   
Famous names and look-alikes populate this nude outing: strip sensation Dixie Evans proves that her Marilyn Monroe looks extend beyond her face; Marsha Jordan makes an appearance; and there's gals that'll remind you of Abbe Lane and Rita Hayworth. Put the blame on fame! 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 26   
Ladies and gentlemen, please look to the right and see the huge-breasted woman bouncing on the diving board. On the left, notice a flower-haired woman disrobing. Over there, the famous Virginia Bell models a hat and plays with a beachball. And, yes, that's Candy Barr revealing her prized possessions. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 27   
Blondes get out of black evening dresses. Picnicking gals frolic naked. Bosomy blondes lose at strip poker. Gals in the buff buff their cars. These are just some of the sexy sights seen in this enticing entry.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 28   
All-dancing, all-women, all-nude! This array of awesome exhibitionists includes bosomy housecleaners, blonde dancers, Marilyn Monroe-like flirts, sultry '60s sirens, and more. 90 min.

Gwen Caldwell and her million dollar Legs, painted by Vargas for True Magazine, 1951Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 29   
"Malibu Mermaid" Adele Dolman, Gwen Caldwell with the $1 million legs, a Susan Sarandon look-alike, a couch-dancing bouffant blonde and a sweetie who enjoys frolicking under a tree are the highlights in this compilation. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 30   
Terry Moore ("Mrs. Howard Hughes") would be proud of the look-alike who sheds her blouse to reveal her endless curves; Busby Berkeley would be proud of the graceful array of beauties on parade; Maria Ouspenskaya would be proud of the Gypsy dancer who reveals her upper torso; and you should be proud to own this one. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 31   
A sound film from the 1940s chronicles "my lady's underthings," revealing that men like girls in black undies. Dixie Evans prances about, a curly-haired gal takes a steamy shower, a dark-haired honey shows off her amazing bra, and there's lots more. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 32   
Gals from almost every decade are showcased in this sexy selection, from harem gals, script girls and frolicking nudes of the 1930s, glamour girls of the '40s, '50s-style Latina tamales, and, from the '60s, a half-blonde, half-brunette with a bountiful bosom. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 33   
Art studio models! Campy lingerie models! Short-haired skinny-dippers! Dark-haired strippers! Whew! And that's just the beginning! 90 min.

Virginia BellNudie-Cutie, Vol. 34   
A sumptuous Kelly Bundy look-alike shows off her body in a beach chair! A woman resembling Pat Nixon gets into the nude act! Huge-chested Virginia Bell lounges in lingerie! Plus: there's other wild women who don't look like anybody famous on this tape. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 35   
Seltzer bottle mishaps; a combination of puppets, breasts and ballet; nude weightlifting; gap-toothed blonde models; topless Shakespeare plays; and stripper Candy Barr are just a few of the featured segments in this sexy tape.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 36   
Sun dresses get thrown off, tight sweaters are tossed, and stripteases are performed with wild abandon in this nudie compilation that shows you the most sumptuous ladies from a number of different decades. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 37   
An incredible collection of nude-filled short films that offer the likes of '40s sweater gals, Florida "peaches," big-breasted chicks from the '60s and a jungle spoof with native gals, a gorilla and an intrepid explorer. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 38   
The accent is on mammoth mammary glands, as the likes of Virginia Bell (playing "Shady Sadie"), strippers, high-heeled honeys and more parade through the promiscuous proceedings. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 39   
Jane Russell, move over. These full-figured gals can hold a bra to your "achievements." And you get a great look at them in their bikinis, out of their bikinis, lodging in the pines, posing for photographers and more. 90 min.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 40   
It's "Latin Nude Mambo" with a hot temperatued Hispanic fox cooing koochie-koochie in a way that would make Charo sweat; 1950s moms disrobe and help you live out your June Cleaver fantasies; a '60s chick practices a gonzo form of go-go.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 41   
An artist's model with an African spear poses provocatively, while a baby-faced blonde with major league yabbos gets nasty and a dark haired delight does raunchy rope tricks.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 42   
Hula dancers bring more than leis to their dancing here, a nightie-clad naughty girl from the 1940s displays her wares, and a dark-nyloned '60s nymph goes all groovy on us.

Nudie Cuties, Vol. 43   
Unconventional beauties are the focus of the frolics here with topless brunettes in a harem dress, a stacked blonde rolling around her pillows, a gal frugging in a bar, and another with dark hair licking her shoulders.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 44   
Sultry sweeties are out in force in this fiery celebration of the feminine form. There's mirror-kissing, backyard carousing, sexy stocking shimmying, and lots more from a number of different decades.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 46   
It's a grab bag of beauteous delights as blondes dance with wild abandon, two gals get down together and busty black princesses prance provocatively.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 47   
Pert perfect breasts, marvelously mounted mammaries, finely sculpted snorbs--any way you put 'em, they're here in all their glory. The strippers display their bods in fanciful, oh-so funky fashion. It's melon-popping time and these blondes, brunettes and redheads are ripe for the picking.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 48   
The accent is on the 1960s, as gloves, love beads and other accoutrements go with the flowing hair and go-go boots to add the proper sense of hippy nuance to the nymphos on this program. There's some borderline hefties here, but also a beautiful blonde, breasty brunettes and lots more.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 49   
The focus is on brunettes--breasty, ravishing, dark-haired gals--in this installment of the series. Hubba-hubba harlots from the 1950s and 1960s dance, wade in the water and strip.

Nudie Cutie, Vol. 50   
An all-color compilation, all from the '60s,  of carnal cuties doing their thing, from gyrating in nylon stockings (and nothing else), slinking around in mini-dresses, and partaking in wicked nude catfights.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 51   
In this unpredictable amalgamation of amorous arousers, it's Naked City with nude sunbathers, Latin lasses, chair-hugging harlots, ballet stars and hot-tub ladies.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 52   
See the '60s (and the 38s) really swing in this titillating tribute to the ta-tas of the psychedelic era. See minis rise, a busty blonde getting down in the nude, naked dancing and other naughty numbers from the Age of Aquarius.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 53   
The 1940s and 1950s prove to be ages of amorality as shapely gals tangle in a catfight, wild women take to natural outdoor poses, and horseback honies turn out a bouncing bonanza of fun.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 54   
Everybody go-go! Everybody go girl-girl in this gathering of gorgeousness, '60s style. They strip, they frug, they shed their lingerie, seducing you into an erotic journey beyond the valley of the dolls.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 55   
They're nude, they're cute, they're oh-so sexy. They're from the '50s, dressed in red teddys and black nylons, wearing sexy lingerie, riding horses--and eventually getting all naked for the camera. There's Rusty Stevens, a Bunny Yeager photo shoot and more in this '50s femmes celebration.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 56   
It's a blowout Sixties slumber party with gals in nylons, garter belts, black undies, polka dot dresses and lots more. See them model, strip and tease you to ecstasy.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 57   
The focus is on playful femmes on furniture in this homage to hot, circa 1950s. See sexy gals on couches, laying on armchairs, on lounge chairs and laying about on throw pillows. Their sassy sensuality are sure to ignite sparks...and convince you to go shopping--at an antiques store!

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 58   
Let your imagination run wild with these Sixties whippersnappers who are erotic works of art. Blondes and brunettes alike frolic in all of their big-chested glory, doing the boogaloo, playing with clown dolls and sucking on Sugar Daddies.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 59   
The '50s and '60s are well represented in this raunchy retrospective of stripping nudie-cuties of the past. They wear--and take off--their spiked heels, black lingerie and ski pants. And their looks range from girl-next-door to dark and exotic beauties.

Dianne Webber (Playboy's Miss May 1955)Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 60   
You'll thank us for the mammaries after looking at the wowsome whopper-heavy women wandering wild through this video. Arlene Hunter, Dianne Webber and Virginia Bell are here, along with equally alluring amateurs including the the leggy blonde, the ebony princess and curvaceous brunette with the Ronnie Spector haircut. Be my baby!

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 61   
It's a cavalcade of erotic delights and kinky thrills from the 1940s to the 1960s featuring post-World War II pretties modeling cheesecake for a photographer, getting weighed and modeling, as well as '60s color footage of hippie chicks (with unshaved armpits) and classy dames in pink negligees.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 62   
There's lots of colorful footage from the wild Sixties in this carnal compilation. Mini-skirts are on--and off--in this salute to go-go sex with luscious blondes, swervy brunettes and mesh-stocking-wearing maidens.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 63   
The greatest gals of the 1950s and 1960s have been compiled in this super-duper salute to the dress-hikers, bed-lollers, zebra rug-straddlers, frosted lipstick-wearers of yesteryear.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 64   
Whether it's cheeky blondes from the 1950s, chesty brunettes from the 1960s, or dark-haired darlings from who-knows-when, this video is sure to delight. The gals drop their mini-skirts and spill out of their bras. Wow!

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 65   
Exercise topless! Go hubba-hubba in pasties! Pose in short shorts! Show off your curves on a leopard-skin rug! If you don't partake in these activities regularly, why not watch some women who do?

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 66   
They're nude, they're cute, they're willing to parade their pulchritudinous assets for you. They're ever-active, sipping cocktails--then raising their dress; enjoying a bubble bath--then showing off their curves; taking off their panties--and loving it. The cool '50s and swinging ' nostalgic.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 67   
The frivolous Forties, hip Fifties and shocking Sixties are the decadent decades displaying their grandes dames in this compilation. From the 1940s, welcome a topless ski gal, a blonde who loves to photograph herself and nude picnickers. From the 1950s, a housewife reveals her hidden secrets and a blonde tosses and turns. As for the 1960s, let your imaginations run wild.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 68   
Span three decades of tease with '40s starlet Conchita and a poolside blonde, 1950s fave Virginia Bell and a 1960s brunette making peek-a-boo-boo with her teddy bear.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 69   
An arousing slew of slinky women with huge breasts highlight this outrageous outing that showcases pig-tailed brunettes, bathing babes, blonde, blowsy housewives and many mammoth chested madams.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 70   
Whether you're a "baby boomer" or "flower child," you'll appreciate this spicy blast from the past. Included on the program are '50s femmes showing off their bras, gloves and high heels, as well as sexy Sixties sisters showcasing their black underwear, toreador pants and a face reminiscent of Jayne Mansfield.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 71   
Take the Time Machine on a guided tour of promiscuous pretties from the past. There's housewives with hoop earrings, breasty babydoll blondes, slender and sultry brunettes and lots more femmes with shapely forms.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 72   
Scroop--there goes the polka-dot dress to reveal a perfect figure. Zzzip--off goes the conservative suit to reveal an amazing body. Whooosh--down goes the raincoat to the floor leading to the exposure of panties, heels and a stupendous shape. Whistle--there goes you, whistling at the wanton women displaying their privates for your pleasure.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 73   
Color and black-and-white risque rarities comprise this titillating tape in which brunettes with beehives, cocktail-sipping blondes and sweater-encased sweeties cavort for the cameras.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 74   
In this carnival of carnality, a crew of curvaceous lookers shows you their intimate parts with raunchy relish. There's blondes with overbites, full-figured models, sizzling stripteasers and koochie-koochie couch-dancers.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 75   
Hellohhh, babies! If it's chantilly lace and a pretty face you're hankering for, you'll get this and lots more in this way-out erotic blast from the past. There's hair-combing blondes, heated housewives, showgirls in silky attire and a hepcat 1950s chick reading a magazine.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 76   
Into soaps, lingerie, white bras, leopard-skin underwear, prom dresses, peek-a-boo panties, mini-skirts and/or dark nylons? If so--and you want to see an array of arousers from the 1950s and 1960s--then check out this chick-filled cavalcade of comelieness.

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 77   
Ladies and gentlemen...Welcome to a battle between two decades. In this corner, the 1950s: nylon-wearing blondes smoking cigarettes, an African-American cutie with major league yaboos, a horny blonde on a zebra chair. And in this corner, the 1960s: a dark-haired honey with heavy make-up and high hair, a radiant brunette doffing her sweater and lots more. Wow!

Nudie-Cutie, Vol. 78   
The '40s, '50s and '60s are alive with the sights of nudity, with panties, bikinis and sheer stockings that have been ripped away, for many years. Featuring roadside raunch, undies-less blondes, naughty gals in knotty pine dens, pulchritudinous platinum pretties, famous stripper Virginia Bell and lots more.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 1
Twisted Sex, Vol. 1 [DVD]

The sexploitation films of the wild, wild decade are represented by this collection that includes trailers from such adults-only gems as "The Hookers," "The Tomcat," "Tassel-Go-Go Dancer," "I, A Woman, Part II," "Ride the Wild Pink Horse" and many more. 90 min.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 2
Twisted Sex, Vol. 2 [DVD]

More nudity-filled teasers from the naked Sixties, including such sexamples as "The Embracers," "Nudes on Tiger Reef," "Some Like It Violent," "Lust and the Flesh," "The Playpen Girls" and more. 90 min.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 3
Twisted Sex, Vol. 3 [DVD]

Another assortment of trailers promoting the finest in R- and X-rated entertainment. Nudity abounds in such "classics" as "I, A Woman," "Fanny Hill Meets Dr. Erotico," "Sex Club International," "Carny Girl" and "The Art of Marriage" and other delights from the topsy-turvy decade. 90 min.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 4
Twisted Sex, Vol. 4 [DVD]

Enjoy trailers from such sexpictures as "The Teacher," "Too Much, Too Often," "Nude on the Moon," "Garden of Eden," "The Alley Cats," "The Price of Flesh" and lots more. 90 min.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 5
Twisted Sex, Vol. 5 [DVD]

Check out the risque previews for "Spy Thigh," "Curse of Her Flesh," "On a Bed of Roses" and more sexploitation winners. 90 min.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 6
Twisted Sex, Vol. 6 [DVD]

Get the scoop on previews of such perverse pictures as "I, Marquis De Sade," "The Raw Ones," "Slaves in Cages," "Hot Girls for Men Only" and more.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 7
Twisted Sex, Vol. 7 [DVD]

Just what you asked for: more way-out, weird and erotic trailers for the likes of "Everything Goes," "The Depraved," "Sexy Promisibio," "Cocktail Hostess," "Flesh Gordon," "Alley Tramp" and others.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 8
Twisted Sex, Vol. 8 [DVD]

And you thought the movies were wild. Take a gander at the trailers for sexploitation raves like "The Pink Pussy," "Love Play," "Nude Scrapbook," "The Mafia Gang," "The Post-Graduate" and lots more.

The Worst Of Twisted Sex
The Worst Of Twisted Sex [DVD]

Turn your living room into your favorite grindhouse by getting this program that offers trailers for such depraved films as "Olga's Massage Parlor," "The Lusting Hour," "Take Me Naked," "The Soul Snatcher," "The Love Toy" and more. Now, all you need is stale popcorn, the scent of industrial-strength disinfectant and chewing gum under your seat.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 9
Twisted Sex, Vol. 9 [DVD]

If you're looking for a sizzling sexploiter, look no further than these carnal come-ons for such efforts as "Mom and Dad," "Naked Africa," "House on Bare Mountain," "The Girl from Pussycat," "Midnight Graduate," "Street of 1000 Pleasures" and more.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 10
Twisted Sex, Vol. 10 [DVD]

Take a naughty nostalgic trip down Mammary Lane with a host of hot trailers for the funkiest soft X efforts ever. Previews for "Cry Uncle," "Bordello," "A Clockwork Blue," "Alice in Wonderland," "Hungry Lipps," "Common Law Cabin," "Naughty Dallas" are showcased.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 11
Twisted Sex, Vol. 11 [DVD]

The kinkiest, kookiest come-ons for softcore spectacles are served up in a compilation that includes "All My Men," "Thar She Blows," "Deep Jaws," "Terror at Orgy Castle," "Olga's House of Shame," "White Slaves of Chinatown," "Keyholes Are for Peeping," "Lesbian Confidential" and others.

Sly Stallone naked in Party At Kitty And Stid's (1970)Twisted Sex, Vol. 12
Twisted Sex, Vol. 12 [DVD]

A host of hot-to-trot drive-in faves are featured in all of their coming attraction glory in this collection that includes "The Snake Lady," "Pets," "Scream of the Demon Lovers," "I, A Woman," "The Party at Kitty and Stud's" (1970; AKA "Italian Stallion" with 26-year-old Sly Stallone, who was paid $200), "Group Marriage," "Chatterbox" and more.

Jayne Mansfield experiencing a nipple slipTwisted Sex, Vol. 13
Twisted Sex, Vol. 13 [DVD]

Trailers for exploitation and softcore delights galore are offered in this softcore "pornucopia." "It Happened in Athens" with Jayne Mansfield, "Hot Pants Holiday," "Taboos of the World," "The Love Merchant," "That Tender Touch," "When Women Had Tails" and "Mondo Freudo" are among the delights.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 14
Twisted Sex, Vol. 14 [DVD]

If you loved the thrill of sneaking into the neighborhood "arthouse" or drive-in and seeing a triple-feature of guilty pleasures, this one is sure to please. Trailers collected are Russ Meyer's "Good Morning and Goodbye," "The Pom Pom Girls," "Weekend Wives," "The Naughty Stewardesses" and many more.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 15
Twisted Sex, Vol. 15 [DVD]

If '60s and '70s sexploitation are your thing, turn on to the trailers of these winners! Revel in the R-rated and soft X appeal of Russ Meyer's "Cherry, Harry and Racquel," "Love, Swedish Style," "Young Swingers," "Black Emanuelle," "Fairy Tales," "Roman Love Temple" and "The Christine Jorgenson Story."

Twisted Sex, Vol. 16 [DVD]
Something Weird keeps you abreast of the sickest, strangest skin flick trailers and shorts of the sex-sational '60s and '70s, with a collection that includes "Candy," "Hot Pants Holiday," "The Clamdigger's Daughter," "The Mating Urge," "Nude in a White Car," and many more! Soundtrack: English.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 17
Twisted Sex, Vol. 17 [DVD]

Get a dose of 1960s sexploitation with these coming attractions that showcase such sizzlers as "Adam & Eve," "Forbidden Beauties," "Manji," "Eroticon," "The Love Merchant," "The Smut Peddler," "De Sade," "Love, Swedish Style" and lots more. 120 min.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 18
Twisted Sex, Vol. 18 [DVD]

You'll exclaim "Sock It to Me, Baby" with this trailer collection, a regular "Lullaby of Bareland." Have "Marcy" with "Oona" and "Jennifer," "Teresa...My Darling," as you learn different "Love Variations" while enjoying "Love Is a Carousel." Through "Sexual Understanding" in a "Career Bed," you'll also learn that "Pussy Galore" is "The Queen." Makes ya wanna shout "Fuego"! 120 min.

Lili St. Cyr nakedTwisted Sex, Vol. 19
Twisted Sex, Vol. 19 [DVD]

It's a celebration of cinematic carnality, '60s and '70s style, as we present a mind-blowing bonanza of trailers and shorts that are awe-inspiringly groovy. Lili St. Cyr is found in "Josette of New Orleans"; the Bennett Twins are prominently displayed in "Double Trouble"; the 1968 short "Love Child" shows you how sex may lead to drugs; and there's lots more that's truly shagadelic.

Twisted Sex. Vol. 20
Twisted Sex. Vol. 20 [DVD]

Here's a kinky collection of soft adult movie trailers, shorts and rarities that'll make you feel like you're wearing a trench coat. Included are coming attractions for "Sweden: Heaven and Hell," "The Unsatisfied," "The Wrong Way" and "Masoch," plus the Barry Mahon short "The Swinging Nurses," adult cartoons and more.

Twisted Sex, Vol. 21 
Twisted Sex, Vol. 21 [DVD]

They're sexy! They're sick! They're the most salacious trailers and shorts of the '60s and '70s, and Something Weird has collected them all! This enchanting volume includes "The Minx," "Swedish Wife Exchange Club," "Teenage Tramp," "Cry Uncle," and the vintage short "Jane on a Train."

Twisted Sex, Vol. 22 
Twisted Sex, Vol. 22 [DVD]

Remember the thrill of plunking down in that creaky theater seat, getting your feet stuck on the sticky floor and hearing grunts of delight at such trailers as "The Sputnik Room," "Girl Fever," "The Alley Tramp," "Platinum Pussycat," "Weekend with the Babysitter," and other sin-drenched classics? Something Weird takes you back to the '60s and '70s with this collection, that also includes vintage shorts such as "Night School for Interns."

60's Bizarro Sex Loops, Vol. 1   
This kinky collection of outrageous sex accents weird and wild acts of diversion from the Sixties. Included here are "Turned-On Toes," "I Dreamed I Was a Captive Princess," "Rubber Lovers," "Melinda, The Latex Maid" and more. Tune in, turn on and camp out!

60's Bizarro Sex Loops, Vol. 2   
More kinky and outrageous softcore shorts depicting all manner of strangeness are offered in this truly unusual assortment that includes fetish, catfights, garters, playgirls and vampires.

60's Bizarro Sex Loops, Vol. 3   
Kink out with this selection of deviant sex shorts that offer the full spectrum of perverse behavior. Highlighted here are the classics "The Haunted House" and "The Rack," one of the most disturbing films of its genre.

Harry Novak's Boxoffice Bonanza Of Sexploitation Trailers And Featurettes, Vol. 1
Harry Novak's Boxoffice Bonanza Of Sexploitation Trailers And Featurettes, Vol. 1 [DVD]

An amazing amalgam of trailers from the productions of noted schlockmeister Harry Novak, including "The Slave Window," "Mini-Skirt Love," "Mondo Mod," "The Touchables," "Secret Lives of Romeo & Juliet" and many more.

Harry Novak's Boxoffice Bonanza Of Sexploitation Trailers And Featurettes, Vol. 2
Harry Novak's Boxoffice Bonanza Of Sexploitation Trailers And Featurettes, Vol. 2 [DVD]

Check out more titillating trailers of one of the pioneers of the softcore sex film. Featured are coming attractions for "Southern Comforts," "Honey Doll Jones," "Tobacco Roody," "Midnight Plowboy," "Erika's Hot Summer" and shorts like "Kittens" and "The Peepers."

Harry Novak's Boxoffice Bonanza Of Sexploitation Trailers And Featurettes, Vol. 3
Harry Novak's Boxoffice Bonanza Of Sexploitation Trailers And Featurettes, Vol. 3

"Copenhagen '70," "Tower of Love" and "Jet-Set Swingers" are just a few of the roadshow and drive-in "guilty pleasures" featured in this third compilation of trailers from one of the pioneers of sexploitation cinema.

David Friedman's Roadshow Trailers 
There's 40--count 'em, 40--come-ons for classic exploiters collected on this one-of-a-kind program that shows you how the schlockmeisters sensationally pulled patrons into theaters. Among the trailers are "Dance Hall Racket," "Too Hot to Handle," "Mom and Dad," "Mau Mau," "Souls in Pawn," "Slaves in Bondage" and lots more. 120 min.

Shameless Shorts, Vol. 1   
These nudie featurettes were produced as filler for theaters showing sex features, which were typically an hour in length. Running five to 10 minutes each, these color wonders are a rare treat for sexvid collectors. Included here are "Shocking Set," "Naked Fury," "Censored," "Instant Orgy" and more!

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 1 
The Swingin' Sixties really swing as a bevy of extremely busty women shake, rattle and roll their bounty in these shorts culled from the decade of decadence. There's full-frontal nudity and DD cups of all shapes, displayed in beds, showers and other settings. Mmmm, mmmm, what cheesecake! 90 min.

Margaret Middleton nakedBig Bust Loops, Vol. 2 
Get a load of these lollapaloozas! The likes of '60s glamour queens like Margaret Middleton, Busty Brown and Janey Reynolds are sure to amaze you with their bods and dancing abilities, blazing trails of titillation in chiffon and nylons, and behind beaded curtains. 90 min.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 3 
Check out the chicks brandishing major league bosoms as they catfight, chat on the phone, strip and perform all sorts of lewd acts for your lascivious pleasures.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 4 
Gals, gals, gals! Gargantuan gazongas, gargantuan gazongas, gargantuan gazongas! What a lethal combination this video presents: pretty peaches parading their pronounced pulchritude with pleasure. Duck! It's a soapy brunette in the shower! Look out! It's a blonde from the psychedlic '60s in nothing but nylons and garters! And that's just the tip of the, er, iceberg.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 5 
Their diddies are delightful, and you won't be able to get enough of them in this scintillating soiree through the fab '50s and '60s. They tote fans, bras, lingerie and more, then throw them on the floor to show you their ta-tas.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 6 
The legion of lascivious ladies doesn't stop in this blockbuster of bazooka-breasted babes. Welcome to Hooterville, where Candy Barr, Virginia Bell and a Mamie Van Doren-lookalike go to town, unleashing their pendulous pertness for all to witness.

Tempest StormBig Bust Loops, Vol. 7 
Three top strippers show us their dumplings in this snorb spectacular. Check out the ravaging racks of Tempest Storm, Candy Barr and Virginia Bell. And there's other humpy honeys here as well.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 8 
Hubba-hubba. Horniness abounds when the wild wenches of the 1950s and 1960s decide to drop their clothing and go jiggle wild. If you desire blonde or brunette, you've come to the right video, as the heels, stockings, bras and other accoutrements come off and the fun begins.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 9 
Look at the snappers on the pony-tailed brunette, the blonde ballerina, a pair of car-washing sweeties and a sultry go-go dancer. They'll make you humpy!

Chesty Morgan  Believe It Or Not! (Those great big boobs are real.)Big Bust Loops, Vol. 10 
Enjoy seeing a bountifully breasted babe jump rope topless? Want to witness Chesty Morgan at her peak(s)? Do provocative naked pretties with parasols turn you on? There's all this and more in this sizzling salute to superdroopers.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 11 
If you're a lover of large lung warts you're likely to long for the days when guys went all woo-woo for the sort of women writhing around in this kinky compilation. The blouses open and the pantry shelves are ready for inspection. Happy days are here again!

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 12 
Legs. Hoop earrings. Plaid bedspreads. Maids. Lacy panties. Pillows. Large love bottles. Chicks from the 1950s and 1960s. Groovy.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 13 
Monstrously-coned senoritas slither for the camera in this sassy collection of promiscuous pretties getting down and dirty. The gals are narrow-waisted and big in mammaries and willing to show you their wallopies.

Candy Samples full frontal nudityBig Bust Loops, Vol. 14 
The selection of sexy gals is mind-boggling on this one. Meet a card-playing cutie who strips to show her aces; a slip-shedding Sally; a sepia-skinned woman out to wow you with firm knick-knacks; a carrot-caressing carouser; and strippers Virginia Bell and Candy Samples.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 15 
It's an all-star entourage of humongous breasted women, including a young Kitten Natividad, Candy Samples in and out of sailor uniform, mammary-heavy Marsha Jordan, creme jug supreme Chesty Morgan and the provocatively cute Virginia Bell.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 16 
It's a '60s sex-in, designed with kettledrum fanatics in mind. Groove to barstool-straddling sex kittens, Bardot-esque blondes, high-heeled horn toads and pouty-lipped pretties--all taking it off for your enjoyment.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 17 
Get into that '50s and '60s sex thing with this trip down mammary lane. A blonde and brunette combo exercise, a nightgown shows you a wanton woman's wares and a dynamic duo of diddies complement a looker with blue gloves and heels.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 18 
Unadulterated sexiness permeates the proceedings that spotlight sex kittens like an underwear-changing model, a TV-watching picture of twin loveliness, a piano-playing purveyor of plump peaches, and a '60s chick who makes a camera click.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 19 
Get an erotic blast from the past with an array of amorous arousers with gigantic apple dumplings getting all hot and bothered for the camera. See a sizzling selection of fleshsome femmes go for the gusto in lesbian encounters, threesomes, rubdowns and even musical interludes.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 20 
The, er, hits keep coming in this carnal collection of coochie-coochie. Displaying their ample wares are a platinum blonde with tremendous ta-tas; a young brunette whose bullet bra is about to go off; and top-heavy '50s fave Terri Higgins.

Marsha Jordan toplessBig Bust Loops, Vol. 21 
Oops, watch yourself! The well-endowed women are here! The well-endowed women are here! Get a gander at the gargantuan honeys strutting their stuff: softcore queen Marsha Jordan; a '50s gal on a trampoline; a brunette sunbathing, circa 1940s; and Virginia Bell, sure to ring-a-ding-ding your chimes.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 22 
You'll be open-mouthed in awe when you witness the wiggling and wild bodies in this cupcake display. There's Susie Reed, a pretty brunette; blondie Tori Lambert; a gal who looks in the mirror and likes what she sees--and who can blame her?; a blonde in a black teddy and lots more.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 23 
Into redheads, brunettes, blondes? Any combination of the three? If so, you've come to the right video. This one has something for everyone, from creamy coffee-servers to fur-fitted femmes; and from pixie-haired pretties to bruised-lipped blondes with sexy curves.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 24 
Well, weee-ohhh! These gals' bras are certainly getting a workout. There's Arlene Hunter, a Marilyn Monroe lookalike; Ann Day, a buxom brunette; Tempest Storm, the queen of the strippers; June Palmer, with a perfect hourglass figure; and many more.

Big Bust Loops, Vol. 25 
They're DD-delightful, DDD-delicious and DDDD-downright awesome. The women, that is, featured on this parade of pulchritude that spans the decades. Blondes and brunettes alike eat bananas, take baths, read Esquire, play pool and model sombreros as they take it all off for you. Hot cha-cha-chas!

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