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Lee Baxandall formed The Naturist Society in 1980 and authored the first edition of The World Guide to Nude Beaches & Recreation that same year. His unique and popular guide is updated regularly; more than 350,000 copies have been sold.


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Being Naked: Attitudes Toward Nudity Through the Ages
by Susan L. Stanton

In this stark and honest book, author Susan Stanton unravels the implications of nudity. Being Naked explores attitudes towards nudity, morality surrounding the issue and a history of nudity and body image through the ages.

North American Guide
to Nude Recreation:
The Most Comprehensive
Listing of Nude Recreation
Resorts and Clubs

Recreational Nudity
and the Law
by Gordon Gill

A collection of 101 abstracts of cases dealing with recreational nudity and how they were handled in the legal system, revealing how nudity in a recreational setting has evolved over the years from 1934 to 1995.


Full frontal female nudity

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Unashamed & ElysiaElysia (1933)/Unashamed (1937)
A rare find, this early nudie effort was filmed at California's Elysian Valley in the 1930s. The warm weather welcomes "naturalists" of all sorts, having fun in the warm California sun. Also included is "Unashamed," another nudist camp frolic with Barbara "Pinky" Pound.

Ten Days In A Nudist Camp(1954)
This carnal compilation of "naturist camp" footage of the '30s, '40s and '50s shows that things were as wild in the good old days as they are in contemporary times. It's a best-of three-decade delight that'll make you yell, "Take it off!"

Garden Of Eden(1954)
A strange professional nudie movie, featuring legit actors like R.G. Armstrong and Arch Johnson and directed by Max Noesseck ("Dillinger"). A wealthy old grouch forces his daughter and granddaughter out of his mansion and into a nudist camp, then tries to have his daughter declared an unfit mother. With Mickey Knox, Jamie O'Hara.

Nudist Life(1956)
The intricate complexities and subtle social structure of 1950s nudist colony life is depicted in this titillating exploiter in which sun worshippers walk, talk, snack and partake in other activities. There's also ping-pong and volleyball--all captured at Florida's Fair-View Gardens. Produced by George Weiss, producer of "Glen or Glenda." AKA: "Nature Girl's Frolics."

Nature's Paradise(1957)
The United Kingdom's first nudie movie is a color wonder, a tale of a pretty female nudist who persuades her pal to join her at England's Spielpastz nudist camp. There, badminton, chess and a violin are played sans clothes and an American fellow shows off his wares to the girls. A highlight is the "Venus Contest" and a visit to the "6th World Nude Contest." With Anita Love.

Forbidden Paradise(1959)
The true story of "the origin of nudist cults" are documented in this phony "factual study" filled with the sort of things it purportedly exposes. Lots of nude bathing and romping in natural settings can be found in this European production.

As Nature Intended(1961)
Classic nudie epic detailing the naked adventures of five free spirits who frolic and swim through exotic places throughout the world...even Stonehenge! With Jackie (34-22-34) Salt, Petrina (35-23-34) Forsyth, Bridget (38-24-36) Leonard and the incredible Pamela (39-23-36) Green, a delight playing ping-pong, showering or just relaxing on a hammock. 58 min.

Naked: As Nature Intended [DVD](1961)
Classic nudie epic detailing the naked adventures of five free spirits who frolic and swim through exotic places throughout the world...even Stonehenge! With Jackie (34-22-34) Salt, Petrina (35-23-34) Forsyth, Bridget (38-24-36) Leonard, and the incredible Pamela (39-23-36) Green, a delight playing ping-pong, showering or just relaxing on a hammock. AKA: "As Nature Intended." 59 min. Soundtrack: English.

Four naked women in Shangri-LaShangri-LaShangri-La(1961)
A jolly good nudist camp flick from Merry Olde England. Join in the fun at Shangri-La, where naked patrons run rampant, play volleyball and take sunbaths. It's a nudist flick with a difference. 68 min.

Lust For The Sun(1961)
Mix a travelogue with lots of lovely naked women and you'll get this nudist delight. Bare sun worshippers frolic in the sun and the snow, sharing in a love for nature and naughtiness. Whether getting a tan or constructing a snowman, the au naturel arousers are sure to impress you. Produced by Werner Kunz.

For Members Only(1962)
A nudist camp delight, this zesty English comedy tells the story of Jane, a pretty woman who inherits her grandfather's property, which includes the Avonmore Sun Camp. She has plans to sell the nudist colony, but is persuaded to spend some time there by a handsome lawyer and member. What follows is a hedonist's delight. With Shelley Martin. AKA: "Pussycat Paradise."

Have Figure, Will TravelHave Figure, Will Travel (1963)
Carol is a nudist from Canada; Sue is a nudist from Australia. Along with non-nudist Marge, they take a yacht tour of the East coast's finest clothing-optional camps, from Sunshine Park in Mays Landing, New Jersey, to Delray, Florida's, Sunny Acres. Will Marge succumb to her pals' liberated lifestyle? Will the girls take showers and roll around in mud? We're not telling! With Susan Baxter, Carol MacKenzie.

Naked Complex(1964)
A camp classic, this nudie film details the plight of a handsome race car driver who is absolutely frightened of women. Unable to cope, he leaves society by bailing out of an airplane and lands on a nudist colony populated by naked, big-breasted women, instead. Roy Savage and Mary Margaret star along with members of the Sun Beach Club, "one of the most beautiful nudist resorts in Tampa, Florida."

Nudists Galore(1965)
A humorous "peep show" sex farce in which a math teacher puts away the rulers and compasses in order to visit a nudist camp. There he witnesses naked people romping around, playing games and Nudes, Nudists And Nudism partaking in athletic events. His fantasies soon take over when his pillows turn into women. With Henry Crawford, Joanne Maguire. AKA: "Pussy Galore."

Nudes, Nudists And Nudism
Get back to nature, nudist style, by taking in this compilation of trailers, loops and shorts (and longs) made during the nudist colony heyday. This celebration includes men and women frolicking, playing sports, enjoying the sun. Ah, the good old days.


Naked in the 21st Century  
The history of nudism and nudist films is contrasted with the nudist lifestyle today in this entertaining documentary. Also follows the behind the scenes goings-on of two nudist feature films. 59 min.

Maslin Beach (1997)
Maslin Beach (1997)    

"What is real love?" It's a timeless question, and in Australian director Wayne Groom's tender romantic comedy, it's a question pondered in great detail by a troubled couple as they spend the day on a popular but secluded nude beach. It seems that Simon (Michael Allen) and Marcie's (Eliza Lovell) romance has reached something of a stalemate, and as the dejected pair prepare for a relaxing day of naked leisure, Gail (Bonnie Jaye Lawrence), Paula (Zara Collins), and Jenny (Jennifer Ross) roam the beach discussing lonely Gail's prospects for finding the "perfect" man a prospect that doesn't seem too far fetched thanks to the mysterious power of a good-luck necklace given to her by her grandmother. It seems that nearly everyone on Maslin Beach today has their share of issues, from the English aristocrat juggling multiple lovers to the hard-working couple looking for a day away from the office but hounded by the constant cries of their multiple cell phones. As the day wears on and flatulent ice-cream salesman Ben (Gary Waddell) dips cones and attempts to help his good friend Simon smooth out his problems in love, it becomes increasingly clear that while all of these issues may not be resolved by the time the evening shade descends and the sand slowly begins to chill, they will certainly provide some much needed food for thought for our leisure-seeking sun worshipers. 80 min. All Movie Guide

Kelly's First Nudist Retreat  
A woman seeks professional help to break down her inhibitions in this erotic drama for adults only. Kelly is a timid young woman who is painfully shy around the opposite sex, and constantly daydreams about the passionate escapades she'd love to be having with the man of her dreams. Determined to make some changes in her life, Kelly visits Dr. Judith Winters, a psychiatrist. Kelly tells Dr. Winters about her unusual experiences with other analysts, as well as a visit to nudist colony she hoped would allow her wild side to run free. After examining Kelly's sexual history, Dr. Winters suggests she try taking her erotic energies in a new direction. Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Hardfire Exposes the Naked Truth About Nudism
Featuring Paul Nocera and Sandy Aldrich The guests are Sandy Aldrich, of Clothing Optional Dinners, or COD and Paul Nocera of a nudist group, Males Au Naturel, or MAN. Interviewer is Sam Sloan, Director of Media Relations of the Manhattan Libertarian Party. Produced by Gary Popkin, Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of New York. This is an interview discussing the best places to find nude beaches, activities at nudist resorts and legal issues such as the rights of nudists to be nude. This DVD features full nudity. Anyone likely to be offended should not view it. 29 minutes.

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